27.01.20  Climate Emergency Design Guide

We are in a climate emergency and urgently need to reduce carbon emissions. This guide outlines the requirements of new buildings to ensure our climate change targets are met. A definitive journey is set out, beyond climate emergency declarations, into a net zero carbon future. It is specifically aimed towards developers/landowners, designers, policy makers and the supply chain. The guide aims to help to define ‘good’ and to set clear and achievable targets.

→  Download the Climate Emergency Design Guide here


27.01.20  Embodied Carbon Primer

This Embodied Carbon Primer offers supplementary guidance to the Climate Emergency Design Guide for those interested in exploring embodied carbon in more detail. There is currently a lack of knowledge in the built environment industry surrounding embodied carbon reduction strategies and calculations. Therefore, the London Energy Transformation Initiative has produced this document to support project teams in designing buildings that deliver ambitious embodied carbon reductions.

→  Download the Embodied Carbon Primer here

16.12.19  Net Zero One Pager

Industry consensus has been established on the key features of Net Zero Operational Carbon buildings. This new 1-page summary was launched by the London Energy Transformation Initiative (LETI) on 16.12.19 at Feilden Clegg Bradley Studios. It is the result of a very successful industry consultation with more than 330 responses and has been developed in collaboration with the UK Green Building Council (UKGBC) and the Better Building Partnership (BBP).

→  Download the One Pager here

14.03.19  Consultation on a Definition for Net Zero Carbon

In order to meet our climate change targets all new buildings need to operate at net zero carbon by 2030 with all buildings operating at net zero carbon by 2050. In order for the above statement to be implemented, a robust definition of what net zero carbon means for buildings in the UK needs to be developed. LETI has received feedback from 140 built environment professionals from 78 organisations through an online survey and through a workshop. The findings are summarised in this document.

→  Download the report here

14.02.18  Draft London Plan Consultation Response

The third ‘Getting to Zero’ publication gets into the detail of LETI’s response to the London Plan consultation. The GLA invited LETI to host a consultation workshop for the London Plan focusing on zero carbon, energy monitoring, the heating hierarchy, demand management and embodied carbon.  The report provides feedback on the wording of the polices, suggestions for Supplementary Planning Guidance (SPG) content and advice for the GLA to help support the policy implementation at borough level.

→  Download the report here

20.09.17  Proposals for Energy Policy

The second ‘Getting to Zero’ publication outlines the London Energy Transformation Initiative proposals for energy policy. This is a summary of the second phase of the London Energy Transformation Initiative and includes the 4 working group reports on Data Disclosure, New Performance Metrics For Better Outcomes, Decarbonising Energy & Heat and Delivery Mechanisms.

→  Download the report here

03.07.17  Developing Policy for a Net Zero Capital

The first ‘Getting to Zero’ publication is a summary report of the ‘Let fix London’s broken energy policy’ workshop that was facilitated and organised by Elementa Consulting. This report summarises the outcomes of the workshop and outlines next steps towards developing policy that can enable London to become a Zero Emissions Capital.

→  Download the report here