LETI Pioneers

Do you feel as passionate about getting to Net Zero as we do?  Would you like to blaze a trail for others to follow? Then why not commit a project to be a LETI Pioneer?

Become a LETI Pioneer!

We need forward-looking clients, architects and consultants to show everybody how this is done. It needs the whole team to step-up, understand the challenge and then keep the goal firmly in sight, even when the going gets tough and costs need to be shaved.

In order to meet our climate targets, we belive that every new project will need to be designed meeting the Key performance indicators (KPI’s) outlined in the Climate Emergency Design Guide in 2025. This will mean that by 2030 all new buildings are built to net zero.

This means that in 2020 10% of all projects will need to be designed to meet these targets, we are calling these projects ‘LETI Pioneer projects’.  We encourage all built environment professionals to persuade at least 1 project team/ Client that their project should be a ‘LETI Pioneer project’ in 2020 and we encourage all built environment organisations (Architects, Engineers, Cost Consultants, Developers) that in 2020 10% of their projects in the early stages of design are ‘LETI Pioneer projects’.

A LETI Pioneer project will seek to achieve the KPI targets get out in the Climate Emergency Design guide, this includes:

→ Energy Use Intensity (EUI) targets for the relevant building archetype

→ Embodied carbon targets

→ Have fossil free heating and hot water and use the Heat Decision tree to select systems

→ Demand Response key performance indicators

→ Commit to in-use monitoring and publication of energy use data

→ Provide enough on-site and off-site renewable generation to achieve a zero carbon balance


We will only meet the challenge of the climate emergency if we all collaborate and share our experiences. By registering your project as a LETI pioneer project, you will be part of a network of like-minded consultants and developers. This network will provide support for consultants and developers who may not have been involved in projects that achieve this level of performance in-use before, through allowing the opportunity to learn from each other and share our experiences.

Register your project as a LETI Pioneer

If you have a project in mind to register as a Pioneer project, but have a few questions about what this means and would like to be a small group of practices developing this program or if you are an expert in delivering net zero projects and would like to share your advice with project teams please email pioneers@leti.london.