11th March 19- Net Zero Carbon workshop

In 2019 LETI is developing a technical guidance roadmap which will set out the approach, targets and benchmarks that developments in the UK need to achieve to reach Net Zero in operation. This means that by 2020 the developers, consultants and policy officers in London (and the UK) will have a reference point as to what their developments should achieve to ensure our climate change targets are met.


On the 11th of March from 18.00-20.00 LETI will host a zero carbon workshop. Work that LETI has done so far will be presented, a suggested framework for what Net Zero Carbon could mean will be discussed and then ask attendees to help refine this further. This will feed into the consultation on the work that UKGBC are doing on setting a definition for Net Zero.  It would be great if you could come along and contribute.  If you just want to come along and see what we’re working on, then that’s fine too! 

To register your interest for the event, please email