Client Guide for Net Zero Carbon Buildings

As our global community struggles to keep up with their growing climate commitments, this guide will help all construction clients navigate their way through a rapidly changing construction industry. In Europe and North America, it is likely that we will be more focused on adding value by transforming the buildings we already have towards net zero carbon, while in many other parts of the world, well-designed, net zero carbon construction is key. Any building that does not deliver net zero carbon whole life carbon performance or is not designed to be easily adapted for that, is an expensive liability for future generations as it will have to be retrofitted to be net zero carbon by 2050.

The LETI Client Guide for Net Zero Carbon Buildings pulls together key details from numerous LETI documents and publications, which cover the ways in which briefing, designing, procuring, constructing, occupying, managing and valuing buildings must change. At the centre, however, lies the client, and their funders, who will find it cheaper and easier to commit to net zero carbon right at the start. Then the briefing and the design teams must commit and, in due course, the constructors, facility managers and the occupiers would need to follow suit with performance verification at each stage. These changes are identified and mapped in this guide against the RIBA Plan of Work.

It is our vision that this guide will help you as clients, and your advisers, to create project value and avoid stranded assets and/or projects. It provides the missing front-end to the overall procurement process identified by the Construction Leadership Council’s ‘The Construction Playbook’.

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LETI Hydrogen Webinar 10.02.2021
Clara Bagenal George, Elementa Consulting
Debbie Hobbs, ISG
Chris Twinn, Twinn Sustainability Innovation
Download the Hydrogen webinar slides:
LETI Hydrogen Webinar Presentation(.pdf)