As well as detailed technical guidance LETI has been developing simple messaging on the requirements of Net Zero in Operation. Our objective is to summarise on a single page what the key requirements for a building being designed/built to qualify as 'Net Zero Carbon' in operation. It will be accompanied by a set of notes but we would like to have your initial feedback on this first draft. This has been developed in collaboration with the UKGBC. We would really appreciate your thoughts on this draft document. 

5 key components..JPG

In 2019 LETI is developing a technical guidance roadmap which will set out the approach, targets and benchmarks that developments in the UK need to achieve to reach Net Zero in operation. This means that by 2020 the developers, consultants and policy officers in London (and the UK) will have a reference point as to what defines what their developments should achieve to ensure our climate change targets are met.

This is required, as LETI believes that by 2030 100% of all new buildings will need to operate at Net Zero, which means that by 2025 100% of all buildings must be designed to Net Zero.

This will give 5 years to sense check, refine and validate the approach as well as time for market uptake.

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