The London Energy Transformation Initiative (LETI) is a network of over 1000 built environment professionals that are working together to put London on the path to a zero carbon future. The voluntary group is made up of developers, engineers, housing associations, architects, planners, academics, sustainability professionals, contractors and facilities managers.

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27.01.20  Climate Emergency Design Guide

We've launched our Climate Emergency Design Guide, which sets out the approach, targets and benchmarks that developments in the UK need to achieve to reach Net Zero in operation. This means that the developers, consultants and policy officers in the UK will have a reference point to define what their developments should achieve to ensure our climate change targets are met.

This is required, as LETI believes that by 2030 100% of all new buildings will need to operate at Net Zero, which means that by 2025 100% of all buildings must be designed to Net Zero. This will give 5 years to sense check, refine and validate this approach.​

Supplementary guidance to the guide is provided in our Embodied Carbon Primer.

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16.12.19  Net Zero Operational Carbon - One Pager

2019 has been a watershed year. The climate emergency is now acknowledged and there is widespread support for an acceleration of the transition to Net Zero Carbon.


Industry consensus has been established on the key features of Net Zero Operational Carbon buildings. This new 1-page summary was launched by the London Energy Transformation Initiative (LETI) on 16.12.19 at Feilden Clegg Bradley Studios. This document was developed in collaboration with UKGBC and Better Buildings Partnership.

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12.12.19  Future Homes Standard and Part L Consultation

Current proposals for Part L 2020 are likely to result in a step backwards, in a climate where we need a huge leap forward. A strong consultation response by the industry on Part L is required, with a dramatic shift needed, otherwise we will not meet our climate change targets. Influencing this regulation is the greatest change that we can make in terms of reducing carbon emissions.

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